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I found this mta server a few days ago, basically its a initial d server it has replicas of all the mountains. Gta san andreas mod indonesia, download mod indonesia, gta extreme 2016 dan modmod terbaru, tempat upload mod, download direct link, semuanya gratis. Welcome to akina akina is a famous hill in japan because a cartoon initial d. Its just about the right speed for drifting, its rwd, and actually requires countersteer unlike some handling lines ive seen. The legendary card for gta san andreas akina hill is now also in vice city. Rel releastic drift handling line vehicles gtaforums. The road is quite narrow but still great for drifting and street racing when you get the. Akina mta version mod was downloaded 4888 times and it has 10. The story non racing parts of the series tend to drag on in the later episodes, but they build such a suspense that the viewer is on. The real road is named mount haruna and is located in gunma, japan. They are based on yoha, dewalk28, elopes akina traffic paths and the paths are tweaked for rdv scaled topspeed s ai supercars to go fast without crashing out too often. Downloads 3,275 views 3,275 first release apr 7, 2016 last update aug 20, 2016 rating. Initial d first stage pack for san andreas finally its done.

Ben playing rfactor time to time, and i really enjoy drifting on akina but one thing sucks is that its autumn, i know there was a summer version of akina but dint work with the version of rfactor i had. As race time approaches, the akina speedstars and the akagi redsuns are both shocked as the mysterious eightsix approaches with takumi driving. Ohiradai is a wellknown hot spring tourist spot at the mountain of hakone, along with the hakone hill climb train. The map is really awesome to make some races and drifts. Sakina not only a racing or drifting place but also a beautiful scenery. The first location of this project is ohiradai, located in hakone, japan. New map, akina, car mods, toyota trueno ae86, mazda rx7, skyline, locations and more. So if you want to race against other real people on sakina, then get mta.

For some reason it took me 2 years to make this pack. The drift spot is divided into upper and lower part of the touge, well known for the continues curves and the easy access. Mount akina is a semi fictional road from the popular comic anime, initial d. Near the hotel ocean view there was an island for drift, you can even say not an island, but a hill, or a mountain on the road people go, which is not very cool, because it will be impossible to podriftit, not knocking down a couple dozen peacefully strolling characters. Due to a crash on akina s downhill, iketani finds himself injured and without a car to challenge the redsuns. Sorry if this is advertising or whatever but i have set up a coupple of mta race servers that are for people who have the sakina mod. Im having problems where i can get the mount akina map for gta sa. The series is just genuinely interesting as it covers the love, work, and racing of the characters. Akina uphill, 4827, 155725 download and install for free 44.

Winter textures for akina, an awesome drift track for san andreas. I made this handling line as i wanted to drift touge on akina map mod. San andreas drift, akina hill, car park, drift videa. Akina downhill mount akina is a semi fictional road from the popular comic anime, initial d. Downloads packs, tracks, cars and others mod for ac. I hope every one can feel downhill drift like initial d. My second drift vid, drifting with a nissan 350z downloaded akina mountain mod song. Ae86 s15 nissan shelby toyota typer d1gp music area dorifto drift drifting downhill initial d stage.

Sa for gta san andreas and other files from the category maps for gta san andreas mobile version of the website complete version of the website. Iketani begs bunta fujiwara to help defend akina, but bunta can only offer a maybe in reply. Download mount akina for gta san andreas and other files from the category islands and locations for gta san andreas. The first stage pack has all the cars from the first initial d aswell sakina in retextured to match it as just seen in the series. When i release this mod, i will write down the handling and the record and data providers. I wonder to share to each other and accept the views or. It adds a layout for play in trackday weekend with up to 31 opponents. Real initial d mt akina downhill cruise in an ae86 duration. Layouts this track has an uphill, downhill and drift layout. I thought it would be fun to drive also in beamng so i converted it and here is the result. My evo 8 handling was mess up so i am not good at it. Akina is a famous road from a japanese cartoon initial d. Sa akina downhil drifting with the ae86, like initial d. The gta place brings you the latest grand theft auto news, information, screenshots, downloads, forums and more.

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