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The following are examples of logbook entries to be made in accordance with far part 43. Documenting aircraft maintenance checks with penandpaper can be timeconsuming as it requires extensive hours for manual re entry of observations and organizing data into a professional report. We have a vehicle log book, as the name implies, used for vehicular pass. Provided to nbaa members by certified aviation manager cam bill hunter, this log offers aircraft operators and owners a simple tool for referencing an aircraft s recent flight history. A logbook entry for carpet replacement would look something like this. Here, we offer different types of logbook to fit an individuals preference. Bob young of silvertone electronics, pastpresident of the radio control aircraft society ofn. To answer these questions, we need to look at 14 c. It is important to note that engineers may not certify their own entries. When completed, the maintenance entry and return to service statement can be printed, signed and then inserted in the aircraft maintenance logbooks. Aircraft component andor module repair 126, page 18 software changes to line replaceable units 127, page 18 part source code 128, page 19 chapter 2 aircraft logbook forms and records, page 48 general aircraft logbook forms and records 21, page 48 logbook binder nsn 758893494 2 12 inch 22.

Keep track of your flight time, special equipment, crew information and maintenance cycles on the easytouse digital spreadsheet, or print to take with you. Change in weight and balance if any should be noted in the aircraft log books and entered in the aircraft weight and balance data. Most installers when replacing an existing elt do it as a log book entry as a minor modification. Aircraft logbook entry templates free downloads 2000 shareware periodically updates software information and pricing of aircraft logbook entry templates from the publisher, so some information may be slightly outofdate. Lame, certificate of registration cor for class a and.

Preventive maintenance the following preventive maintenance has been performed to this aircraft in accordance. In a maintenance logbook for equipment other than the aircraft, such as a logbook for the aircrafts propeller or engine. Introducing our new innovative cloudhosted logbook for aircraft mechanics and engineers, amtl. Aircraft flight log template nbaa national business. Adjusted pdf report date range to include end date rather than only flights before it. Aircraft maintenance engineers log book 07 january 2009 section 1. That is, the logbook is acceptable for meeting the technical log requirements relating to the recording of time in service, defects, and rectification. I certify that this aircraft was inspected in accordance with an annual100hour inspection and determined to be in an. How to flunk an annual however, the regs allow for another possibility.

Aircraft logbook instructions for use 1 this is an appropriate logbook as defined in civil aviation rule part 1, and forms part of the maintenance logbook for the aircraft. This data includes defects and malfunctions, block times and fuel consumption. The entry must include his mechanics certificate number. The two restart provisions that are currently suspended are not included in this set. The aircraft andor components identified above were repaired in accordance with current fars as well as manufacturers recommendations and is approved for return to service. No logbook entry reflecting unsatisfactory performance of an instrument proficiency check is required. Except as provided in paragraphs b and c of this section, each person who maintains, performs preventive maintenance, rebuilds, or alters an aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or component part shall make an entry in the maintenance record of that equipment containing. Documenting annual inspection completion in aircraft. Designed for individual aircraft technicians and organisations.

A typical oil change entry would be entered in the engine logbook as follows. Forms and templates civil aviation safety authority. The person approving or disapproving for return to service an aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or component part after any inspection performed in accordance with part 91, 125, 5. Form 944 aircraft radio maintenance log book order printed form. Apr 22, 2017 aircraft technical log also know as techlog or log book. Jun, 20 a maintenance entry that describes what was done and gives a specific maintenance manual reference leaves little doubt as to what was done, and how it was done. The maintenance manual is the correct torque to use. Ac 2041a provides guidance on replacement of tso approved. What happens when the logbook of an aircraft is lost. Describes methods, procedures and practices determined to be acceptable for showing compliance with the general aviation maintenance recordmaking and recordkeeping requirements of title 14 of the code of federal regulations 14 cfr parts 43 and 91.

This includes a limitation requiring the owneroperator to endorse the aircraft logbook and maintenance records with a statement certifying that the prescribed flight hours have been completed, and the aircraft has been shown to comply with far 91. Preventive maintenance the following preventive maintenance has been performed to this aircraft in accordance with far 43 and the aerostar continued airworthiness instructions. Updates to support translation to different languages. You should confirm all information before relying on it.

General aviation information federal aviation administration. When equipment is installed as part of an aircraft or engine, this record shall be. Aircraft maintenance records and airworthiness directives for. Completion of maintenance tasks on an aircraft system performed column, conducting control on maintenance tasks control column, coaching a team of technicians conducting a check or part of a check or a project management column. Top 4 aircraft maintenance check templates free download. Removed aircraft cabin carpet from floor and sidewalls. What are the requirements for maintenance record entries after maintenance. Installed airtex navy blue nylon carpet part number xxx in accordance with ac 431b, section 4. When the aircraft leaves the hangar, your entry must speak for you. I would recommend every owner to purcahse a copy of the maintenance manuals because in accordance with part 43. A copy of the last aircraft log book entry, stating. N183cd sin 0921 propeller logbook entry crs awkr298c 5952 tach time ttaf prp tsn prp tso. For example, when you put your signature to the following logbook entry. Completion of maintenance tasks on an aircraft system performed column.

Chapter 6 aircraft logbooks all activities that have reporting custody of naval aircraft and related aeronautical equipment and components maintain aircraft logbooks, records, and associated forms in an uptodate condition. Dring binder containing several individual cas products. Whenever a mechanic works on an airplane, he must make a logbook entry stating what work he performed. Weight and balance or operating limitation changes shall be entered in the appropriate aircraft record. Logistics management functional users manual for the army.

Aircraft maintenance records and airworthiness directives. The aircraft technical log is the primary source for technical and operational data on each flight that occurs on an aircraft. Log book electronic form instructions the following log pages are electronic forms with both left and right hand margins. The signature, the certificate number, and kind of certificate held by the person approving or disapproving for return to service the aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, component part, or portions thereof. Logbook entry form the logbook entry form is for quickly and easily entering information to create a new logbook entry. Give them confidence that the maintenance task you performed was done correctly. This will provide the steps to you should of taken. Aircraft flight manual pilot operating hand book cfr 21. Provided to nbaa members by certified aviation manager cam bill hunter, this log offers aircraft operators and owners a simple tool for referencing an aircrafts recent flight history. Cap 741 aircraft maintenance engineers logbook civil aviation. Improved validation of aircraft registrations during flight entry.

The purpose of this program is to simplify and expedite the creation of a quality, legible logbook entry document of maintenance performed. This month we are going to discuss maintenance record. In addition, commands utilitizing naval aviation logistics command management information system nalcomis must also maintain an applicable logs and records subsystem in. There are six boxes on this form where preprogrammed information may be. In accordance with the flight design and rotax maintenance manuals this aircraft was inspected for its 100500 hr. An alteration must be compatible with all previous alterations to assure continued conformity with the applicable airworthiness requirements. Includes forms 902, 905, 924, 925, 926, 927, 928, 931, 932, 933, 934, 935, 936, 939, 940, 941, 942, 943, 944. Aircraft spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft and discount pilot supplies. To editadd information to these fields click on the form field to type information. This service record shall accompany the propeller equipment at all times. This handbook is available free of charge for download, in pdf format, from the faa regulatory support. N53455 september 30, 40209 aircraft time this date b rough t forward tota piper pa32301 3246204 hobbs 70.

An electronic record must provide equivalent or better data integrity, accuracy, and accessibility to what would otherwise be provided by a paper record. Operators with continual access to the aircraft logbook if an operator has continual access to the aircraft logbook, the logbook can form part of the technical log. As 90% of aircraft maintenance check s are visual, it is essential that these inspections are performed as efficiently as possible, contributing to. So each time a certain vehicle enters a property, an entry will the be added on the vehicle logbook. It also records all maintenance carried out on an aircraft between scheduled base. The owneroperator may then operate in accordance with phase ii. This set of logbook examples help explain the various provisions of the hoursofservice rules. Aircraft engineer logbook aviation maintenance jobs. The sequence of this logbook follows that of the manual and throughout this logbook reference is made to the appropriate section of the right instructors manual. It may be a simple airframe, engine, propeller log book, or an air carriers maintenance record system. Description of work accomplished if more space is required, attach additional sheets. Air traffic service licensing manual, air traffic service providers entry. Aircraft technical log also know as techlog or log book.

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